From a Female’s Perspective

It’s hard to write from a female’s perspective, because I’m an odd version of a man, but I’ve done it before. This one was a challenge for many reasons, and probably the most difficult story I’ve ever written. But because this wasn’t part of the collection, here is my only story from a female’s perspective. It appeared in The Summerset Review.

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Windy City Reviews

The Downriver Horseshoe has been lucky enough to catch some good reviews/press since it’s been unleashed to the world. Another one here from Windy City Reviews. Many thanks to Heather Adair for taking the time to read the collection.

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Chicago Literati: The TV Issue

Forgot to post this here: Chicago Literati was kind enough to publish a story of mine in their TV issue. Fiction, essays, poetry, all in the name of that box we plop in front of after a hard day’s work of shoveling shit for the man. I guess it’s not really a”box” these days, though. Nevertheless…

The Hills, by Scott Miles.

I really love what the editors are doing over at Chicago Literati. It’s a vital source of all things literature in Chicago and beyond. They’ve stepped up and filled in the gaps between the writers and the community. Go on over. Check it out.

In the meantime, I’m re-working a novel and hope to have it whipped into shape to soon start submitting to agents/independent publishers.

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The Damage Did Me Good

Check it out. Imagine me casually scrolling through one of my favorite blogs/websites (fully clothed, you perv, as the computer chair can be a scary contraption for a man of my dangling age–too many hinges and unforgiving casters) Do Some Damage, and I stumble across this entry by Brian Lindenmuth (Spinetingler editor, Snubnose Press editor). Pretty cool. Hang around. Check out the site. Especially if you’re into crime fiction. Lots of great voices and down-to-earth insight found here.

Also, while I’m spouting off, thanks to all the book enthusiasts who came out to the Empty Bottle this past Sunday for the Pop Up Book fair sponsored by Curbside Splendor. Got to chat with a lot of great people, and am looking forward to doing it again in the Spring.

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Publishers Weekly

Another kind review. This time from Publishers Weekly.

“Compelling…” is what the reviewer says. Whenever I see/hear that world, I think about the Exorcist. “The power of Christ compels you…” Ah. Good times.

Don’t forget about the Pop-Up Book Fair this Sunday at the Empty Bottle in Chicago. It’s sponsored by Curbside Splendor. It’s free with RSVP, too. Starts at 1pm, which means I now have a reason to drink heavily during the day. I normally don’t have a reason to drink heavily during the day. I don’t particularly need a reason to drink heavily during the day, but it’s nice to have one.

See you there.

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Pop-Up Book Fair. Sponsored by Curbside Splendor.

Yo. It’s a Pop-Up Book Fair, mother grabbers. Sponsored by the good wholesome folk at Chicago’s favorite indie publishing house Curbside Splendor. I’ll be there with copies of my short story collection THE DOWNRIVER HORSESHOE. Look at me getting all fancy schmancy with capital letters and shit. To capitalize on its importance, of course.

Come on by and have a drink. There’ll be hourly give-aways! There’ll be prizes! There’ll probably be none of that because I’m pretty lazy… But I will have books.

Man, I’m such a natural salesman.

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Review of The Downriver Horseshoe from the Atticus Review

A very kind and very thoughtful review of The Downriver Horseshoe can be found here. Thanks to Nick Sweeney for the time and consideration.

Want to read The Downriver Horseshoe? Go here.

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